Investment Funds Incorporation

Investment Funds Incorporation

Efficient Creation of Financial Structures

As an Unrestricted Investment Fund Administrator of the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, Equity Investment Funds Services Ltd. is poised to create the plethora of investment fund options for our clients.

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas approves investment fund licensees as either: a Restricted Investment Fund Administrator, or as in our case, an Unrestricted Investment Fund Administrator. As such, we are able to license as well as administer an unlimited quantity of investment funds in The Bahamas. In contrast to this, a Restricted Investment Fund Administrator is limited in its ability to administer particular funds without the fund first being approved by the Securities Commission on a case by case basis. Comparatively and generally, therefore, as an unrestricted investment funds administrator we can expediently create and administer funds.

As an Unrestricted Investment Fund Administrator we may license your fund, draft and complete your fund’s offering memorandum, and conduct due diligence. We take you from ideation to having a functional fund capable of standing amongst well established funds.

The legislated Bahamas’ investment fund product suite is inclusive of five classes:

  1. Standard Funds - Suited in a case of an expectation of an offering to the general public, this modern investment fund type is thus particularly very regulated, and created to function as a traditional collective investment vehicle.

  2. The Professional Fund - A class designed for sophisticated investors, and may be licensed by an authorized administrator (in addition to the Securities Commission), thereby enabling faster time to launch.

  3. The SMART Fund - A specific mandate alternative regulatory test fund suitable for innovative structuring of investment funds with efficient turn-around times.

  4. The Recognized Foreign Fund An investment fund licensed or registered in a prescribed jurisdiction and not suspended from operation.

  5. The Investment Condominium (ICON) Fund A contractual relationship between partners agreeing to pool assets for the purpose of investing, and operating as an investment fund. This ICON struture has no legal personality (but is nevertheless represented by an empowered appointed administrator) and is able to enter contracts in its name, hold assets in its name, and to sue and be sued.

And Segregated Accounts Companies can be used to explore having multiple sub-funds within your overall investment fund umbrella.

Please explore the Products page to see the different investment fund options that we may incorporate for you, as well as complete the Investment Fund Questionnaire.