Investment Fund Types

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Standard/Professional/Recognized Foreign Funds

A recognized legal structure in The Bahamas that issues or has equity interests the purpose or effect of which is the pooling of investor funds with the aim of spreading investment risks and achieving profits or gains from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of investments. Read More

The Bahamas SMART Fund

The Specific Mandate Alternative Regulatory Test Fund (SMART© Fund) was introduced under the Investment Funds Act, 2003, as an additional style of a collective investment vehicle. Read More

The Investment Condominium (ICON) Fund

An investment condominium is established under the Investment Condominium Act, 2014 It is a contractual relationship between one or more participants who have pooled assets for the purposes of operating as an investment fund, and an investment condominium must be licensed as an investment fund under the Investment Funds Act. Read More

Segregated Accounts Companies

Segregated Accounts Companies (SACs) were introduced with the passing of the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2004. SACs, also called Protected Cell Companies in some other jurisdictions, generally are used by the investment funds and insurance industries. Read More