Financial & Corporate Services

Here's a list of services we provide


At Equity Investment Funds Services Ltd. we take the time to understand your scope and diversity of objectives with respect to the projects and asset types you would like your investment fund to invest in, your intended portfolio size, and the quantity of partners and third-party investors you would like to pool resources among... Read More

Investment Funds Incorporation

As an Unrestricted Investment Fund Administrator of the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, Equity Investment Funds Ltd. is poised to create the plethora of investment fund options for our clients... Read More

Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting services include: Accounting Services and preparation and publication of Net Asset Value Financial Statements; iaising with the Auditors and the Securities Commission of The Bahamas as necessary... Read More

Fund Administration

Administrative services include: Subscription/Redemptions/Transfers; Shareholder Communications; Registered Office/Registered Agent; and Registrar and Transfer Agent. The responsibilities of Equity as Investment Fund Administrator include... Read More